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Table 3 MAT gene identifiers of the analyzed Aspergillus strains and their position in the MAT locus

From: Genome sequencing of the neotype strain CBS 554.65 reveals the MAT1–2 locus of Aspergillus niger

Section Species Strain Mating-type gene - MAT Mating-type MAT position Sexual cycle described for the species
Nigri A. welwitschiae CBS 139.54 172,181 MAT1–1 flipped No
A. kawachii (A. luchuensis) IFO 4308 AKAW_03832 MAT1–2 conserved No
A. luchuensis 106.47 ASPFODRAFT_180958 MAT1–1 conserved No
A. tubingensis G131 Not annotated MAT1–2 conserved Yes [63]
CBS 134.48 ASPTUDRAFT_124452 MAT1–1 conserved
A. niger CBS 554.65 g9041 MAT1–2 conserved No
ATCC 1015 ASPNIDRAFT2_1178859 MAT1–1 flipped
A. brasiliensis CBS 101740 ASPBRDRAFT_167991 MAT1–2 flipped No
A. carbonarius ITEM 5010 ASPCADRAFT_1991 MAT1–2 conserved No
A. aculeatus ATCC 16872 ASPACDRAFT_1867751 MAT1–2 conserved No
Nidulantes A. versicolor CBS 583.65 ASPVEDRAFT_82222 MAT1–2 conserved No
A. sydowii CBS 593.65 ASPSYDRAFT_87884 MAT1–2 conserved No
Ochraceorosei A. ochraceoroseus IBT 24754 P175DRAFT_0477739 MAT1–1 conserved No
Flavi A. flavus NRRL 3357 AFLA_103210 MAT1–1 conserved Yes [64]
A. oryzae BCC7051 OAory_01101300 MAT1–2 conserved No
RIB40 AO090020000089 MAT1–1 conserved
Circumdati A. steynii IBT 23096 P170DRAFT_349471 MAT1–2 conserved No
Candidi A. campestris IBT 28561 P168DRAFT_313902 MAT1–1 conserved No
P168DRAFT_285957 MAT1–2 conserved
Terrei A. terreus NIH2624 ATEG_08812 MAT1–1 conserved Yes [65]
Fumigati A. novofumigatus IBT 16806 P174DRAFT_462167 MAT1–2 conserved No
A. fischeri NRRL 181 NFIA_071100 MAT1–1 conserved Yes [66]
NFIA_024390 MAT1–2 conserved
A. fumigatus Af293 Afu3g06170 MAT1–2 conserved Yes [67]
A1163 AFUB_042900 MAT1–1 conserved
AFUB_042890 MAT1–2 conserved
Clavati A. clavatus NRRL1 ACLA_034110 MAT1–1 conserved Yes [68]
ACLA_034120 MAT1–2 conserved
Aspergillus A. glaucus CBS 516.65 ASPGLDRAFT_89185 MAT1–1 n.a.1 Yes [69, 70]
Cremei A. wentii DTO 134E9 ASPWEDRAFT_184745 MAT1–2 conserved No
  1. 1 Conserved genes not in the MAT locus