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Table 4 Mating-type and MAT gene position of the analyzed A. niger strains. 48 A. niger strains have been analyzed in respect to their MAT locus configuration. Newly sequenced A. niger isolates and CBS 554.65 are reported in rows above the dashed line. Among these, 12 have a MAT1–1 and 13 a MAT1–2 locus. Previously sequenced A. niger strains are reported in rows below the dashed line. Among these, a bias towards MAT1–1 strains is present. All the MAT1–1 strain have a flipped orientation of the MAT locus and all the MAT1–2 strains a conserved one. *MAT locus distributed over multiple scaffolds which could not be combined

From: Genome sequencing of the neotype strain CBS 554.65 reveals the MAT1–2 locus of Aspergillus niger

MAT1–1 MAT1–2
A. niger strain Isolation source MAT position GenBank accession A. niger strain Isolation source MAT position GenBank accession
CBS 112.32 Unknown, Japan flipped MW809488 CBS 554.65 Tannin-gallic acid fermentation, USA conserved PRJNA715116
CBS 147371 Green coffee bean, India flipped MW809493 CBS 113.50 Leather, unknown conserved MW809487
CBS 147320 Grape, Australia flipped MW809494 CBS 124.48 Unknown conserved MW809489
CBS 147345 Unknown, USA flipped MW809501 CBS 118.52 Unknown conserved Incomplete coverage*
CBS 147347 Petridish, soft drink factory, The Netherlands flipped MW809503 CBS 147321 Arctic soil, Norway conserved MW809495
CBS 769.97 Leather, Unknown flipped MW809504 CBS 147322 Coffee, Brazil conserved MW809496
CBS 115989 Unknown flipped MW809505 CBS 147323 Raisin, Turkey conserved MW809497
CBS 147352 Air next to bottle blower, Mexico flipped MW809506 CBS 147324 Unknown conserved MW809498
CBS 147353 Food factory of Sanquinetto, Italy flipped MW809507 CBS 147482 Surface water, Portugal conserved Incomplete coverage*
CBS 115988 Unknown flipped MW809491 CBS 147344 Coffee beans, Thailand conserved MW809499
CBS 131.52 Leather, unknown flipped MW809490 CBS 133816 Black pepper, Denmark conserved MW809500
CBS 147343 Coffee bean, Thailand flipped MW809508 CBS 147346 CF patient material, The Netherlands conserved MW809502
H915–1 Soil, China flipped PRJNA288269 CBS 630.78 Army equipment, South Pacific Islands conserved MW809492
L2 Soil, China flipped PRJNA288269 RAF106 Pu′er tea, China conserved PRJNA503751
LDM3 Industrial production, China flipped PRJNA562509 3.316 Laboratory, China conserved PRJNA597564
FDAARGOS_311 USA flipped PRJNA231221 An76 Soil, China conserved PRJDB4313
N402 (ATCC 64974) Laboratory, The Netherlands flipped PRJEB21769 JSC-093350089 ISS environmental surface, USA conserved PRJNA355122
ATCC 10864 Soil, Peru flipped PRJNA300350 MOD1-FUNGI2 Red seedless grapes, USA Genes in different scaffolds PRJNA482816
F3_1F3_F ISS environmental surface, USA flipped PRJNA667181     
F3_4F2_F ISS environmental surface, USA flipped PRJNA667181     
F3_4F1_F ISS environmental surface, USA flipped PRJNA667181     
DSM 1957 Soil, France flipped PRJNA566102     
FGSC A1279 Laboratory, The Netherlands flipped PRJNA255851     
A1 Soil, China flipped PRJNA288269     
ATCC 1015 USA flipped PRJNA15785     
ATCC 13496 Soil, USA flipped PRJNA209543     
CBS 101883 (A. lacticoffeatus) Coffee beans, Sumatra flipped PRJNA479910     
CBS 513.88 Unknown flipped PRJNA19275     
SH-2 Soil, China flipped PRJNA196564     
ATCC 13157 (A. phoenicis) Whole shelled corn flipped PRJNA209548