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Table 10 Role of different hub genes identified in rohu fish liver

From: Revelation of candidate genes and molecular mechanism of reproductive seasonality in female rohu (Labeo rohita Ham.) by RNA sequencing

Gene Description Reference
JAK1 gene In pre- spawning, JAK/STAT signaling pathway is down regulated but in spawning phase, it is up regulated for growth and increase in innate immunity of Rainbow trout fish [130]
PCK1 PCK1 is reported to have seasonal expression in liver of animals. In fish,this gene is associated with regulation of gluconeogenesis, oxidative phosphorylation and growth. [131, 132]
RABGAP RAB GTPase Activating Protein
This gene is associated with seasonal apolipoprotein production in liver of teleost fish
MHC1 uja Major Histocompatibility Complex, Class I
This gene is associated with teleost immune responses
ALDH5a1 Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 5 Family Member A1
This gene is highly conserved from fish to mammal and associated with seasonal changes in retinoic acid, betaine and gamma-aminobutyric acid production in fish liver
PMT (mitogenic): Protein O-Mannosyltransferase In zebrafish, it controls apoptotic signaling mechanisms, immune response and homeostasis in unfavourable environmental stimuli or unfavourable period for breeding, thus it plays role in synchronising the liver activity with environment and seasonality [136]
pSAT1 is similar to GPR54 Fish GPR54–1 contains PSAT1 loci, there is evolutionary propinquity between GPR54 and kisspeptin genes, later is well known for controling seasonality [137]
G6PCA G6PCA is associated with JAK-STAT5 signalling pathway operating in hepatocytes having glycolysis and gluconeogenesis in tilapia fish [138]
OSBPL2B OSBPL2B protein is involved in regulation of cholesterol trafficking and intracellular transport of lipids in zebrafish [139]