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Table 7 Role of different hub genes identified in rohu fish brain

From: Revelation of candidate genes and molecular mechanism of reproductive seasonality in female rohu (Labeo rohita Ham.) by RNA sequencing

Gene Description Reference
ank1b and ank3b Ankryn (ank) gene: Regulatory protein interacting with TF in cis and trans regulatory mode optimizing various physiological function via voltage-gated sodium channels, and KCNQ2/3 channels which is fast and precise as regulatory signaling [94]
OPTN Optinuerin (OPTN): Produced in neuroendocrine tissues which modulates beta-amyloid converting enzyme 1 involved in production of amyloid-beta [95]
rims1 gene Regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis 1 (rims1) gene: It is a RAS gene superfamily member which regulates neurotransmitter release by controlling synaptic vesicle exocytosis and dendrite formation by melanocytes
PCMT Protein-L-Isoaspartate (D-Aspartate) O-Methyltransferase (PCMT) gene plays role in monoaminergic neuromodulation, glutamatergic neurotransmission and neuronal function in development [96]
fryA gene Furry homolog (fryA) gene regulates cell proliferation controlling structural integrity with polarity of spindle, involved in neural development and cell adhesion. It also regulates sensory signaling involved in reproductive behavior in zebrafish and sticklebacks fish [97]
PCLOB Gene Piccolo (PCOLB) gene regulates neurotransmitter secretion by controlling release of synaptic vesicles in salmon and zebrafish [98]
SMAARCC2 SWI/SNF Related, Matrix Associated, Actin Dependent Regulator Of Chromatin Subfamily C Member 2 (SMARCC2) gene is a member of the SWI/SNF family having helicase and ATPase activities regulating transcription by altering the chromatin structure [99]
STCH gene This is a Hsp70 family gene reported to be a promising candidate gene for sensing incubation time by ocular dominance and cortical plasticity mediating visual stimuli [100]
AATK gene Apoptosis associated tyrosine kinase (AATK) gene: This gene has epigenetic regulation associated with growth and differentiation. Regulates GRIN2 gene, which is one of the key genes of learning and memory in zebrafish [101]
EIF31 Controls lipid metabolism, biosynthesis, proteolysis and gluconeogenesis in liver of zebrafish [102]
WDFY gene Regulates feeding behaviour and growth involved in brain-pituitary axis of zebrafish [103]
PHF24 A well conserved gene across various phyla, involved in integration of light and temperature in the regulation of circadian gene expression [104]