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Table 8 Role of different hub genes identified in rohu fish pituitary gland

From: Revelation of candidate genes and molecular mechanism of reproductive seasonality in female rohu (Labeo rohita Ham.) by RNA sequencing

Gene Description Reference
AKAP9 A-kinase anchoring protein 9 (AKAP9) gene is involved in ovarian growth and gametogenesis by MAPK signaling pathway [105]
ANKHD1 Ankyrin repeat and KH domain containing 1 (ANKHD1) stimulates liver growth in vitellogenesis period of zebrafish [106]
EIF3i Eukaryotic translation initiation factor i (EIF3i) is involved in the initiation process of protein translation. Overexpression leads to increase in cell size and proliferation. In zebrafish, it regulates development of the brain, heart, vasculature, and lateral line. [107, 108]
Myo1b Myosin IB (Myo1B) gene affects BPGL axis by directly affecting liver metabolism and growth in cyprinid fish, fathead minnow [109]
FLNA Filamin A (FLNA) regulates neuro-epilthelia cell proliferation and differentiation by regulating actin cytoskeleton and transmembrane receptor complex in cardiac and skeletal muscles development in medaka fish [110]
dpp6B Dipeptidyl-peptidase (dpp6B) gene is involved in retinoic acid pathway controling development of eye and germ cells in medaka fish. Retinoic acid pathway controls gametogenesis. [111, 112]
Ik gene Ik Gene codes for protein Red. This gene is present in zebrafish. It is involved in cell proliferation and differentiation [113]
LAMP2 Pituitary being endocrine gland has several secretory activities. Lamp2 has been reported to control such activities of lysosomes in zebrafish [114]
IRF2 BP Iterferon Regulatory Factors (IRFs): In grass carp and zebrafish, this highly conserved gene has been reported to modulate innate immune response. Seasonality in breeding of fish is highly correlated with such immunity [115]
ZGC Gene ZGC gene is involved in oocyte maturation and ovulation in zebrafish [116]
CMYCB MYCB gene is involved in neuroendocrine secretion in brain and physiological regulation in liver, heart, kidney in fish (European sea bass) affecting growth and differentiation [117]
ARHGEF ARHGEF is also known as Rho Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor gene family which is present in all eukaryotes including jawless (Lampreys, Agnatha) as well as jaw (cartilaginous and boney) fishes. These are the adaptive cell signaling mediators of environmental signals in mediating seasonality [118]
DNAJC Also known as HSP 40 play major role in immune responses and their overexpression in liver is associated with defense mechanism [119]
LIMA1 and LIMA1A splice variant LIM Domain And Actin Binding 1 (LIMA1) gene is associated with nuclear receptor essential for gonado-genesis [120]