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Table 1 Sequence identities between P. acuta ACE-like proteins and ACE homologs in other organisms. The three P. acuta ACE-like proteins are L-form (TRINITY_DN5954_c0_g3_i1), N-form (TRINITY_DN10767_c0_g1_i10), and C-form (TRINITY_DN3110_c4_g2_i4). Reference sequences were downloaded from the NCBI protein database (human: AAA60611; mouse: AAA37149; fly: AAB02171)

From: Genetic changes involving the coral gastrovascular system support the transition between colonies and bailed-out polyps: evidence from a Pocillopora acuta transcriptome

  Human Mouse Fly N-form C-form
Mouse 79.0%     
Fly 35.5% 35.1%    
N-form 41.2% 40.0% 40.7%   
C-form 25.3% 28.5% 32.8% N/A  
L-form 37.1% 36.1% 36.4% 52.5% 41.6%