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Table 4 Significant Gene Ontology (GO) terms identified in the enrichment analysis, applying Benjamini–Hochberg correction (P < 0.05)

From: Genome-wide scans for signatures of selection in Mangalarga Marchador horses using high-throughput SNP genotyping

Locomotor system
GLI3, HOXC9, HOXC6, HOXC5, HOXC4, HOXC13, HOXC11, and HOXC10 “anterior/posterior pattern specification” (GO:0009952)
GLI3, HOXC13, HOXC11, HOXC10, and RC3H “limb development” (GO:0060173)
CCL19 and MAP3K6 “embryonic limb morphogenesis” (GO:0030326), “embryonic skeletal system development” (GO:0048706), “proximal/distal pattern formation” (GO:0009954), “activation of JUN kinase (JNK) activity” (GO:0007257), “regionalization” (GO:0003002), and “pattern specification process” (GO:0007389).
Energy, exercise, and athletic performance
ENO2, TPI1, and GAPDHS “NADH regeneration” (GO:0006735), “canonical glycolysis” (GO:0061621), “glucose catabolic process to pyruvate” (GO:0061718), “glycolytic process through fructose-6-phosphate” (GO:0061615), “glycolytic process through glucose-6-phosphate” (GO:0061620), and “glucose catabolic process” (GO:0006007)
MAPK14 “response to muscle stretch” (GO:0035994), “positive regulation of myoblast differentiation” (GO:0045663) and “skeletal system morphogenesis” (GO:0048705);
GGT5, MAPK14, and ELOVL5 “fatty acid metabolic process” (GO:0006631)
RYR1 and MYORG “skeletal muscle fiber development” (GO:0048741)
SLC9A1 and CD4 “positive regulation of calcium-mediated signaling” (GO:0050850)
FOXO1 “regulation of cardiac muscle hypertrophy in response to stress” (GO:1903242)
FOXO1 and CCL19 “response to bronchodilator” (GO:0097366)
CCL19 and WASHC1 “regulation of lipid kinase activity” (GO:0043550)
 The ELOVL5 “energy production from fatty acids” (GO:1901570, GO:0030497, GO:0042761, GO:1901568, GO:0035338, GO:0045723, GO:0035336, GO:0000038, GO:0046949, GO:0045923).
COCH “bone and cartilage morphogenesis” (GO: 0003433, GO: 0003429)
COCH and MAPK14 “skeletal system morphogenesis” (GO: 0048705)
Reproduction and fertility
SLC26A8 “sperm training” (GO: 0048240)
LRRC6 and DNAI1 “sperm motility” (GO: 0003341, GO: 0097722, GO: 0030317), and others functions associated with the immune system (GO: 0001771, GO: 0002313, GO: 0002827, GO: 0002285, GO: 0002825).