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Table 1 Immune cell markers modulated by Tr14

From: RNAseq analysis of treatment-dependent signaling changes during inflammation in a mouse cutaneous wound healing model

Fold change Adjusted P-value Name Description Cell type Effect/Pathway
1.67 3.31E-08 Cald1 Caldesmon 1 Macrophage M2 mac infiltration
154.26 3.68E-04 Defb4 Defensin beta 4 Neutrophil innate immunity
1.28 3.37E-06 Dlg1 Discs Large MAGUK Scaffold 1 T/B/Dendritic antigen receptor
7.98 3.37E-02 Dusp14 Dual Spec. Phosphatase 14 T cell neg reg T cells
17.73 6.54E-04 Fbp1 Fructose-Bisphosphatase 1 T cell Nrf2 pathway
3.32 1.18E-14 Foxp3 Forkhead Box P3 T cell/Treg consensus marker
4.13 7.67E-01 Gata3 GATA Binding Protein 3 T cell/Treg FoxP3 system
1.83 2.31E-02 Ly6a Lymphocyte antigen 6A Lymphocyte consensus marker
2.20 3.49E-02 Ly86 Lymphocyte antigen 86 Lymphocyte consensus marker
1.72 3.13E-02 Mef2c Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2C Lym/Myocyte transcription factor
2.94 5.72E-18 Sla2 Src Like Adaptor 2 T cell TCR signaling