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Table 9 Assembler software for hybrid assembly

From: Testing assembly strategies of Francisella tularensis genomes to infer an evolutionary conservation analysis of genomic structures

Assembler Version Method Read error correction Assembly polishing
Canu + Pilon 1.8/ 1.23 Long-read first/ Best overlap graph (BOG) consensus of long-reads from overlapping reads Pilon
Flye + Pilon 2.4.2/ 1.23 Long-read first/Repeat graph None Pilon
SPAdes 3.13.0 Short-read first/ de Bruijn graph BayesHammer (Illumina); hammer (Ion Torrent) MismatchCorrector (default: disabled)
Unicycler 0.4.7 Short-read first/ de Bruijn graph (SPAdes) and string graph of short-read contigs and long-reads (Minasm) BayesHammer (Illumina) Racon + Pilon