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Table 5 Total 14 functional groups have different behaviors in different contexts

From: Predicting the targets of IRF8 and NFATc1 during osteoclast differentiation using the machine learning method framework cTAP

Functional group Contained genes OCU OCD
1. Autoregulatory - up CCL9, CCR1, CD109, CXCL10, SDC1, VEGFC Activation Inhibition
2. Cell Differentiation signaling factors - down PLCB4, PLCB2, GIT1, DOCK5, TRAF1, TRAF6 Activation Inhibition
3. Cell Differentiation CLCN7, CAR2, CALCR, CSF1R, TREM2, TNFRSF11A, OSCAR, OCSTAMP, MST1R, ITGB3, DCSTAMP Activation Inhibition
4. Cytoskeleton Control DCSTAMP, LAD1, MYO1B, OCSTAMP, SCIN, MYOD1, MARCKS Activation Inhibition
5. Integrin Beta3 CLCN7, OCSTAMP, CALCR, MST1R, CTSK, MMP14, ITGB3, MYO1D, ACP5, MMP9, CAR2, OSCAR Activation Inhibition
6. Secreted Factors for External Cells - up INF2, SEMA4D, SGPL1, SPP1, CXCL10, CCL9 Activation Inhibition
7. Coupling Factors PGF,SPNS2,CD200,SGPL1,SEMA7A,LIF,CST7 Activation Inhibition
8. ACID & Enzymes for Matrix Dissolution VCAN, ATP6V0D2, CAR2, CLCN7, SLC9B6, CTSK, ACP5, PDE2A, MMP14, HTRA1, MMP9, ADAM10, ATP6V0B, ATP6V0C, ATP6V0C-PS2 Activation Inhibition
9. Autoregulatory - down C1QA, C1QB, C1QC, CCL2, CCL3, CCL4, CCL6, CCL7, CXCL14, IGFBP4, PF4 Inhibition Activation
10. Calcinuren Pathway CALM1, CAMK1, CAMK2A, CALM2, CALM3, PPP3CA Inhibition Activation
11. Cell Differentiation signaling factors - up PPP2R3A, PPP3CA, CALM2, PPP2R3C, CAMK1, TNFAIP2, CAMK2A, CALM3, CALM1 Inhibition Activation
12. Cell Signaling SLIT1, SGPL1, INFB, IL10, CXCL5, IGF1, SPP1, SLIT3, C1QA, CCL8, CCL7, C1QC, C1QB Inhibition Activation
13. MSC Signature ACTA2, ACTG2, BGN, CCND1, COL1A1, COL1A2, COL2A1, DKK3, FN1, SERPINH1, SPARC, TNC Inhibition Activation
14. Secreted Factors for External Cells - down CCL6, CCL4, CCL3, CCL2, C1QC, C1QB, CCL7, CXCL14, CD200R1, CXCL16, IGF1, APOE, C1QA Inhibition Activation