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Table 1 The treatments, sample size and pairwise comparisons that were made for each time and for the two treatments - bark stripping (strip) and methyl jasmonate (MJ). The seedlings of each family were grown in a line-plot and one was chosen at random for destructive harvesting at each time (T7 to T21). At T0, the sampled seedlings were destructively harvested just before treatment applications. At 7 (T7), 14 (T14) and 21 (T21) days after treatment, one seedling from each family (total number of seedlings per sampling time = 18, equivalent to the number of families and n = 6 are seedlings selected from each treatment) was destructively harvested

From: Analysis of the transcriptome of the needles and bark of Pinus radiata induced by bark stripping and methyl jasmonate

  Control MJ Strip Total # seedlings sampled at each time  
# seedlings # seedlings # seedlings
T0 6 6 6 18 Sampled before application of treatments, for constitutive transcriptome analysis
T7 6 6 6 18 sampled 7 days after treatment application
T14 6 6 6 18 sampled 14 days after treatment application
T21 6 6 6 18 sampled 21 days after treatment application
Total # seedlings for each treatment 24 24 24 72