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Table 1 Showing number of genes and transcripts differentially expressed between undifferentiated and differentiated cells, after multiple testing correction using ONT long read counts (FDR < 0.05). Bracketed numbers refer to the portion of total that are TALON-identified novel transcripts. U = undifferentiated and D = differentiated cells, with arrows displaying expression directionality

From: Long read sequencing reveals novel isoforms and insights into splicing regulation during cell state changes

Metric Count
Gene level Transcript level (Talon)
Total features assessed 32,977 99,067 (1855)
Differentially Expressed 4239 5456 (197)
↑U ↓D (all > 0 log2FC) 2041 2390 (67)
↑D ↓U (all < 0 log2FC) 2198 3066 (130)