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Table 1 Origins of the 31 pure species Miscanthus germplasms used in this study. The female parent is sample A12; the remaining samples are the candidate male parents. All collection sites are in China

From: Investigation of genetic relationships within three Miscanthus species using SNP markers identified with SLAF-seq

Sample ID Species Latitude Longitude Altitude (m) Collection site
A12 M. lutarioriparius N32°37′ E119°14′ 28 Nanjing, Jiangsu
A1 M. sinensis N28°28′ E109°53′ 531 Yongshun, Hunan
A2 M. sinensis N29°28′ E113°17′ 103 Yueyang, Hunan
A3 M. sinensis N28°56′ E115°49′ 30 Yongxiu, Jiangxi
A4 M. sinensis N31°21′ E110°36′ 500 Shennong, Hubei
A5 M. sinensis N26°33′ E106°28′ 1480 Qingzheng, Guizhou
A6 M. sinensis N31°06′ E110°47′ 303 Xinshan, Hubei
A7 M. sinensis N29°35′ E103°37′ 505 Leshan, Sichuan
A8 M. sinensis N36°29′ E117°50′ 290 Zibo, Shandong
A9 M. sinensis N31°36′ E114°16′ 109 Dawu, Hubei
A10 M. sinensis N31°11′ E115°43′ 720 Jinzhai, Anhui
A11 M. sinensis N30°42′ E118°26′ 88 Jingxian, Anhui
B1 M. sacchariflorus N36°17′ E113°11′ 908 Changzhi, Shanxi
B2 M. sacchariflorus N43°23′ E126°53′ 257 Huadian, Jilin
B3 M. sacchariflorus N41°24′ E123°58′ 136 Benxi, Liaoning
B4 M. sacchariflorus N40°11′ E124°17′ 50 Dandong, Liaoning
B5 M. sacchariflorus N33°54′ E113°55′ 82 Linying, Henan,
B6 M. sacchariflorus N31°36′ E114°16′ 106 Dawu, Hubei
B7 M. sacchariflorus N31°47′ E117°31′ 37 Hefei, Anhui
B8 M. sacchariflorus N30°32′ E118°27′ 113 Jingxian, Anhui
B9 M. sacchariflorus N37°46′ E118°59′ 0 Dongying, Shandong
B10 M. sacchariflorus N36°29′ E117°50′ 280 Zibo, Shandong
C1 M. lutarioriparius N32°59′ E120°48′ 2 Dafeng, Jiangsu
C2 M. lutarioriparius N32°59′ E119°55′ 3 Taizhou, Jiangsu
C3 M. lutarioriparius N32°27′ E119°55′ 3 Tai’an, Jiangsu
C4 M. lutarioriparius N28°84′40″ E112°35′43″ 48 Yuanjiang, Hunan
C5 M. lutarioriparius N28°84′59″ E112°35′27″ 24 Yuanjiang, Hunan
C6 M. lutarioriparius N28°84′90″ E112°35′11″ 35 Yuanjiang, Hunan
C7 M. lutarioriparius N31°9′ E118°8′ 17 Fanchang, Anhui
C8 M. lutarioriparius N30°28′ E114°20′ 78 Wuhan, Hubei
C9 M. lutarioriparius N30°32′ E118°27′ 113 Jingxian, Anhui