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Table 1 Overview of non-pO157 plasmids found within the sample population. Plasmids occurred primarily within clade as noted

From: Rates of evolutionary change of resident Escherichia coli O157:H7 differ within the same ecological niche

Plasmid Size (bp) Primary Clade Previously identified in feedlot Previously identified outside of MARC Features of interest
1 2679 2 Yes CP011435 (Salmonella enterica, 99.5% similar) -nikA
2 3306 4 Yes AB011548 (Sakai 100% similar) -nikA
IsoB and IsoA
3 6078 1 Yes CP038310 (Show KS 100% similar) -mbeD
-type III toxin-antitoxin toxN/abiQ
4 38-40 kb 2 Yes CP038337 (LSU61 99.1% similar) -cbiX
-traD, traL, trbJ)
-type II toxin-antitoxin hicA
-type IV secretion protein