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Table 4 Antibiotic resistance genes predicted by AMR database

From: Genomic and resistome analysis of Alcaligenes faecalis strain PGB1 by Nanopore MinION and Illumina Technologies

Target identifier Gene symbol Protein name Method Target length Reference protein length % Coverage of reference protein % Identity to reference protein Alignment length Accession of closest protein Name of closest protein HMM id HMM description
PGB1_chr_1397 aph(3') APH(3') family aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase HMM 257 NA NA NA NA NA NA NF033068.1 APH(3') family aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase
PGB1_chr_3891 bla class A beta-lactamase HMM 292 NA NA NA NA NA NA NF033103.1 class A beta-lactamase
PGB1-pla_47 aph(3'')-Ib aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase APH(3'')-Ib PARTIAL 140 267 52.06 100 139 WP_001082319.1 aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase APH(3'')-Ib NF032895.1 aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase APH(3'')-Ib
PGB1-pla_48 aph(6)-Id aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase APH(6)-Id PARTIAL 248 278 88.85 99.6 247 WP_000480968.1 aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase APH(6)-Id NF012171.0 APH(6)-I family aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase