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Table 1 Assembly statistics

From: Gaur genome reveals expansion of sperm odorant receptors in domesticated cattle

Assembly Software Assembly level Number of sequencesa Number of gaps N50 (Mb) Assembly size (Gb)
PacBio CANU contig 2868 0 13.8 2.72
PacBio + Hi-C Proximo scaffold 635 2269 104.5 2.72
ARS_UOA_Gaur_1 Arrow, Pilon chromosome 635 2269 104.5 2.72
  1. aThere are 604 unplaced scaffolds in the final chromosome-level gaur assembly and these scaffolds accounted for only ~ 1.1% of the total bases in the assembly. A complete mitochondrion sequence that matched an Indian gaur (Accession number: MT360652.1) at 99.98% was found