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Table 2 Assembly quality statistics

From: Gaur genome reveals expansion of sperm odorant receptors in domesticated cattle

Metrica ARS-UCD1.2 ARS_UOA_Gaur_1 Description
Merqury QVb 22.61 35.31 kmer-based quality
Merqury Error rate 0.0055 0.00029 Per-base error rate estimated by kmers
Merqury Completeness 79.80% 93.6% Assembly completeness based on short-read kmers
Alignment QV 20.49 37.86 Read alignment-based quality
Unmapped reads 0.59% 0.45% Percentage of short-reads unmapped
  1. aQuality statistics based on short-reads were derived from alignments of the gaur short-read dataset to each respective assembly
  2. bMerqury quality estimates were generated using the Merqury software package