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Table 1 Genes involved in the ginsenoside biosynthetic pathway in the modules

From: Effects of growth years on ginsenoside biosynthesis of wild ginseng and cultivated ginseng

Module Gene_id Gene family
blue Pg_S0304.36 FPS
Pg_S3074.4 MVD
Pg_S3321.6 PMK
Pg_S6708.3 UGTs
royalblue Pg_S0992.8 SS
Pg_S2390.5 UGTs
Pg_S3064.5 SE
Pg_S3293.6 CYP450
Pg_S4157.4 UGTs
Pg_S4174.7 UGTs
Pg_S4493.1 UGTs
Pg_S4733.5 CYP450
Pg_S6308.10 SE
grey60 Pg_S0126.10 HMGR
Pg_S0247.51 IspG
Pg_S0913.16 HMGR
Pg_S1005.15 IspH
Pg_S1678.33 SS
Pg_S1908.21 DXS
Pg_S3318.3 DS
Pg_S4604.8 IspF
Pg_S6240.3 AACT
Pg_S6896.2 HMGS
orangered4 Pg_S2198.2 IspE