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Table 4 Significant difference genome regions of chloroplast among different cytoplasm

From: A large-scale population based organelle pan-genomes construction and phylogeny analysis reveal the genetic diversity and the evolutionary origins of chloroplast and mitochondrion in Brassica napus L.

Start End N_Variants π (All samples) π (nap) π (cam) π (pol) π (ole) Genes
26,001 26,800 16 3.27e-03 1.03e-03 1.95e-04 na a 3.44e-04 trnH, psbA
30,001 30,700 38 4.77e-03 1.36e-05 7.09e-05 7.04e-04 na matK (upstrean)
33,301 34,200 29 4.10e-03 7.75e-04 1.46e-04 na 2.82e-04 psbI, trnS
55,401 56,100 32 3.34e-03 na na na na trnD
81,501 82,100 19 3.79e-03 na 1.32e-04 na na rbcL
88,301 88,800 38 3.54e-03 na 2.64e-05 na na petA (upstream)
92,301 92,900 29 3.14e-03 9.50e-06 4.19e-04 na na psaJ, rpl33
107,301 107,800 15 3.94e-03 2.61e-05 7.76e-05 na na rpl16
138,901 139,600 34 3.25e-03 2.36e-05 na na na rpl32
148,901 149,600 18 3.26e-03 2.71e-06 na na na rps15
150,401 150,900 20 3.60e-03 na na na na ycf1-2
  1. a ‘na’ indicates no SNPs among the subgroup samples but several variants between two subgroups