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Table 1 This table shows the relevant cis-eQTL and summary GWAS p-values factored in to our SMR analysis. The index/ leftmost column includes both the gene analyzed along with the SNP with the strongest associations with both gene expression and our AD phenotype; these are the gene and SNP directly analyzed via SMR via the instrumental variables estimation. The first data column (denoted cis-eQTLa) contains the cis-eQTLp-values used from [29]; the final three data columns (denoted GWASb, GWASc, and GWASd) contain the summary GWASp-values used (from [11], [10], and [9], respectively); note these are different

From: Integrative analysis of summary data from GWAS and eQTL studies implicates genes differentially expressed in Alzheimer’s disease

PVR rs11540084 2.57E-30 5.12E-8 1.87E-8 1.90E-6
TOMM40 rs7259620 4.05E-22 4.99E-148 5.78E-216 3.25E-125
NDUFS2 rs4379692 4.12E-19 3.02E-2 7.84E-8 8.07E-2
ZNF296 rs8100183 4.81E-11 4.52E-10 2.21E-8 8.25E-6
SNX32 rs17854357 <1.00E-300 3.50E-1 3.12E-6 1.33E-1
PRSS36 rs1549299 3.36E-18 1.14E-2 6.87E-8 3.21E-3
CEACAM19 rs714948 7.00E-20 1.35E-16 1.14E-25 6.26E-13
HLADRB1 rs9271069 1.79E-95 1.10E-3 2.26E-2 7.53E-8
CR1 rs679515 2.10E-18 1.55E-16 6.83E-19 4.10E-15
AC012146.7 rs73976310 6.19E-31 2.14E-2 6.50E-8 5.92E-4
CTB171A8.1 rs55710026 <1.00E-300 9.32E-13 5.59E-16 8.00E-16
RP11−385F7.1 rs9473119 2.67E-13 1.87E-7 1.02E-8 4.59E-8