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Table 4 Details of the 14 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) detected in the common OAR1 region associated with body reserves at four physiological stages

From: Genome-wide analyses reveal a strong association between LEPR gene variants and body fat reserves in ewes

SNP Position MAF P-value Gene Variant type
OAR1_41661218.1 40,268,642 0.39 3.05E-05 1.91E-05 7.40E-07 5.71E-04 no intergenic
s30054.1 40,524,081 0.09 2.51E-06 3.28E-04 2.75E-03 3.21E-04 no intergenic
OAR1_42038601.1 40,539,479 0.36 2.72E-05 3.06E-05 4.58E-06 1.41E-02 no intergenic
oar3_OAR1_40821987 40,821,987 0.35 3.42E-05 2.74E-06 1.88E-05 8.63E-07 LEPR intron
oar3_OAR1_40828247 40,828,247 0.44 1.55E-05 3.61E-07 6.81E-07 3.50E-06 LEPR intron
oar3_OAR1_40848298 40,848,298 0.32 2.72E-05 1.27E-07 4.11E-08 4.32E-05 LEPR intron
oar3_OAR1_40,857,869 40,857,869 0.32 2.72E-05 1.27E-07 4.11E-08 4.32E-05 LEPR missence
oar3_OAR1_40865586 40,865,586 0.32 2.72E-05 1.27E-07 4.11E-08 4.32E-05 no intergenic
oar3_OAR1_40872161 40,872,161 0.50 1.10E-02 4.60E-04 6.76E-06 3.83E-04 no intergenic
oar3_OAR1_40890859 40,890,859 0.32 6.15E-05 3.31E-07 3.61E-08 6.09E-05 no intergenic
oar3_OAR1_41137040 41,137,040 0.31 1.33E-05 1.17E-06 6.10E-07 2.50E-04 no intergenic
OAR1_43022391.1 41,454,757 0.28 2.61E-04 8.85E-05 1.04E-06 2.55E-04 no intergenic
OAR1_43083702.1 41,512,082 0.62 1.05E-03 1.41E-04 1.02E-05 1.15E-06 no intergenic
oar3_OAR1_41564208 41,564,208 0.61 3.34E-06 8.10E-05 7.10E-07 3.77E-04 no intergenic
  1. SNP Name of the single nucleotide polymorphism, MAF minor allele frequency, BCS Body Condition Score; P-value, the p-values reported correspond to the unadjusted p-value from the Wald test. In bold, SNP significant at the genome-wide threshold; in italics, non-significant SNPs at the chromosome-wide threshold. Gene, gene is reported when SNP overlapped with a gene. LEPR, Leptin receptor