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Table 1 Genes involved in the regulation of pH, bicarbonate transport and chloride transport regulated (p-value ≤ 0.01) by ocean acidification in the olfactory rosette of F2 European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles

From: The extensive transgenerational transcriptomic effects of ocean acidification on the olfactory epithelium of a marine fish are associated with a better viral resistance

GO term Regulation by OA Number of transcripts Regulated genes
Regulation of pH Up 3 slc4a10, slc9a1, slc9a7
  Down 4 cahz, edn1, slc9a2, slc9a9
Bicarbonate transport Up 3 slc4a7, slc4a8, slc4a10
Chloride homeostasis Up 22 ano1, ano3, ano5, ano8, cftr, clcn2, clcn6, clcn7, clic4, clic5, gabra2, gabra4, gabrg2, gabrr2, glrb, slc4a10, slc12a2, slc12a4, slc12a5, slc12a7, slc12a10
  Down 5 abcc4, clcn5, fam131a, icln
  1. Several transcripts may originate from the same gene. GO Gene Ontology