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Table 3 Examples of enriched gene ontologies and associated genes related to metabolism, viral process and cell division that were down-regulated (p-value ≤ 0.01) by ocean acidification in the olfactory rosette of F2 European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles

From: The extensive transgenerational transcriptomic effects of ocean acidification on the olfactory epithelium of a marine fish are associated with a better viral resistance

GO term Subcategory Number of transcripts Examples of regulated genes
Peptide biosynthetic process   105 gtf2h2, mrpl35_37, mrps10-12, mrps21, noa1, ssr1, rs17, rpl18
Carbohydrate derivative biosynthetic process Tricarboxylic acid cycle 22 aco1, aco2, cs, fh, idh1-3, mdh1, ogdh, pdhb, sdha-c, sucla2
Gluconeogenesis 9 aldoc, eno2, pck2, fpb1, pgk1, slc25a11, slc25a12, smek2, tpi1a,
ATP biosynthetic process 20 atp5l, atp5b, atp5g3, atp5a1, atp5i, atp5f1, atp5g1, atp5o
Oxidation–reduction process   266 aldh6a1, cyb5r3, cyb5r4, g6pd, gapdh, ndufs1-7, prdx1-6
Catabolic process Organic substance catabolic process 169 afg3l1p, capn3, paox, pcsk9, psma6, tpp1, usp14, usp2a
mRNA catabolic process 37 cnot11, ncbp1, ncbp2, pan2, pan3, patl1, smg5, smg8, uba52
Viral process Viral transcription 15 rl23a, rl37a, rpl19, rpl23, rpl38-39, rps25, rps25, rps27, rps29
Cell division   62 ccna2, ccnb1-2, ccne1-2, cdc2, cdc20, cdc34, cdc40, cdk2, fzr1
  1. Several transcripts may originate from the same gene. This list is given as an example, with no attempt to be exhaustive. See Additional files 12,13, and 14 for an enlarged version that include gene description and associated GO terms. GO Gene Ontology