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Table 4 Categories and number of transcripts related to genes involved in innate immunity and/or antiviral defence up and down-regulated (p-value ≤ 0.01) by ocean acidification in the olfactory rosette of F2 European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles

From: The extensive transgenerational transcriptomic effects of ocean acidification on the olfactory epithelium of a marine fish are associated with a better viral resistance

Category and Subcategory Number of transcripts Examples of regulated genes Function
PRRs 109 nlrc3; nlrc5; nlrp1b; nlrp4e; trpm2; nod2; nwd1; spry2; spry3 pathogen recognition receptor; intracellular signal transduction [67, 68]
8 illr3; cd209; c209d pathogen recognition receptor/sensing RNA viruses [69]
6 tlr1l; tlr2-1; tlr21; tlr22; tlr3; tlr9 pathogen recognition receptor/sensing RNA viruses [70,71,72]
1 ifih1 pathogen recognition receptor/sensing RNA viruses [73]
ISG 36 gimap7; gimap4; gimap8 secretion of cytokines; anti-apoptosis of lymphocytes [74]
9 gvinp1 Host resistance [75, 76]
1 mx antiviral effector; inhibition of viral replication [77,78,79,80]
1 ifit2 inhibition of viral translation and replication [81, 82]
13 Nd immunomodulator; antigen presentation [83,84,85]
30 trim2,9,25,32,33; bty; btr01,06; mid2 Sensors, restriction factors of viruses, regulators of IFN response [86, 87]
12 pkr1; prkrir; eif2ak2; thap4, 7; pak3,4 inhibition of viral translation and replication [88]
4 samhd1 Inhibition of viral replication [89]
1 sp100 inhibition of viral replication [88]
4 apo1; apol3 Degradation of the virus [88, 90, 91]
1 dram1 Degradation of the virus [86, 88, 92]
2 casp1; casp7 apoptosis effector [88]
3 stat5.1; stat6; Jak2 regulation of ISG expression [90, 93]
22 il17a/f-1; il20; il34; il1r1; il20ra; il6st inflammation, protection against infection [94,95,96]
15 c1ql2; c1ql4l; c1qtnf1; tnfsf15; cd40 inflammation [97]
7 mavs; myd88; traf3; irf4; irf5; irf6; irf8 regulation of ISG expression [98,99,100]
101 rps2, 12, 14; wdr12; rpf2; nip7; eif4; eif4ebp3l; eif4a3; eif4ea; eif4b inflammation, viral translation [98,99,100]
  1. PRR germline-encoded Pattern Recognition Receptors, ISG Interferon (INF)-stimulated Genes, Several transcripts may originate from the same gene. This list is given as an example, with no attempt to be exhaustive. See Additional files 15,16, and 17 for an enlarged version that include gene description and associated GO terms. Nd Not defined