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Table 2 DE-lncRNAs and their targets among the significantly enriched KEGG pathways

From: Identification, characterization and functional analysis of gonadal long noncoding RNAs in a protogynous hermaphroditic teleost fish, the ricefield eel (Monopterus albus)

Comparison lncRNA (number) Trans-targets KEGG
OV vs. IE/
IE vs. IM/
IM vs. IL/
IL vs. TE
XLOC_059262(45) foxo1 Insulin signaling pathway
XLOC_091218(40) tgfb3 MAPK signaling pathway
XLOC_169543(38) camk4 Calcium signaling pathway
OV vs. IE/
IL vs TE
XLOC_181771(35) smad3 Endocytosis
XLOC_091218(40) tgfb3 Endocytosis
  1. Note: lncRNA (number): the listed lncRNA Gene IDs are those with the smallest P-values, and numbers in parentheses are the numbers of lncRNAs; see Schedule Data 4 for details. OV Ovary stage, IE Early intersexual stage, IM Middle intersexual stage, IL Late intersexual stage, TE Testis stage