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Table 1 Putative glycan receptor genes identified in the Aplysia. Conserved protein domains identified by InterProScan used to identify each immune gene set are listed under “Required Domains.” The Strict column contains diagnostic domains know from vertebrate orthologs of target genes. The relaxed column represents more relaxed criteria, using family level annotation for domains that are more divergent in invertebrate lineages. The count column contains the number of genes identified for each group based on mining IPS results for requisite domains and then vetting with OrthoFinder predicted orthologs. Genes with fewer than 5 representatives per group have their gene identifiers listed, otherwise readers are encouraged to access Supplemental File SFile3 for full gene and protein identifier lists

From: In search of the Aplysia immunome: an in silico study

  Required Domains Genes
Name Strict Relaxed Count Accessions
CD36-like IPR005428 IPR002159 5 See supplemental file SFile3
GNBP IPR000757   3 LOC101861522, LOC101850763, LOC101851233
PGRP IPR006619   2 LOC101858995, LOC101855568
MD2 IPR003172 IPR039217 15 See supplemental file SFile3
LBP/BPI IPR001124, IPR017942 IPR030675 1 LOC101845376