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Table 14 Putative ROS generating and antioxidant genes identified in Aplysia. See Table 1 for table format description

From: In search of the Aplysia immunome: an in silico study

  Required Domains Genes
Name Strict Relaxed count Accessions
DUOX IPR011992, IPR002048, IPR013112, IPR017927, IPR013130, IPR039261, IPR019791, IPR017938   3 LOC101859126, LOC101855136, LOC101857144
DUOXA IPR018469   2 LOC101855368, LOC106013841
LAAO IPR002937   20 See supplemental file SFile3
NOS IPR004030, IPR008254 IPR008254 7 See supplemental file SFile3
NOX IPR017927, IPR013130, IPR013121 IPR000778 5 LOC101851552, LOC101854582, LOC101859126, LOC101855136, LOC101857144
PRXDN IPR034824 IPR029610 1 LOC100533347
CAT IPR011614   2 LOC101854685, LOC101860167
GPX IPR029760 IPR000889 3 LOC101845824, LOC101850882, LOC106012346
GRX IPR002109   8 See supplemental file SFile3
GSR IPR023753, IPR004099, IPR006322 IPR006322, IPR036188, IPR016156 1 LOC101847425
GST IPR004046, IPR004045 IPR010987 68 See supplemental file SFile3
MnSOD IPR019832, IPR019831   1 LOC101852344
PRDX IPR000866 IPR013766, IPR019479 4 LOC100533273, LOC101852808, LOC101852939, LOC101861906
PRX IPR019791 IPR037120 14 See supplemental file SFile3
SOD IPR001424   8 See supplemental file SFile3
TRXDC IPR013766   38 See supplemental file SFile3