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Table 9 Putative cytokine signaling associated genes identified in Aplysia. See Table 1 for table format description

From: In search of the Aplysia immunome: an in silico study

  Required Domains Genes
Name Strict Relaxed count Accessions
ADAM IPR001590   25 See supplemental file SFile3
CRADD IPR042148, IPR037926 IPR001315, IPR000488 1 LOC101855728
FADD IPR001875, IPR000488 IPR016729 1 LOC101861195
Granulins IPR000118 IPR037277 1 LOC101846478
IL-17 IPR010345, IPR029034   4 LOC101857089, LOC101857312, LOC101846730, LOC101857050
IL17R IPR013568, IPR039465 IPR013568 3 LOC101850817, LOC101849802, LOC101852736
LITAF IPR006629   6 See supplemental file SFile3
MIF IPR019829 IPR001398 7 See supplemental file SFile3
TNF IPR006052   4 LOC101857902, LOC101854405, LOC101845807, LOC101861555
TNFR IPR001368   15 See supplemental file SFile3