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Table 1 Sample information

From: A recurrent somatic missense mutation in GNAS gene identified in familial thyroid follicular cell carcinomas in German longhaired pointer dogs

Animal ID Subtype Age at diagnosis (years) Sex a DogWUR ID—tumor (coverage) DogWUR ID – normal (coverage)
GLP77 L:FTC; R:Adenoma 7.2 M 108 (68x) 115 (32x)
GLP48 L:CTC; R:FTC 8.0 M 109 (81x) 116 (18x)
GLP36 L:FTC; R:FCTC with bone 4.5 FS 110 (65x) 117 (17x)
GLP37 L:FTC; R:FTC 5.3 FS 111 (72x) 118 (20x)
GLP44 L:FCTC; R:FCTC 4.7 MC 112 (68x) 119 (35x)
GLP25 L:Carcinosarcoma; R:FCTC 6.0 M 113 (83x) 91 (32x)
GLP39 L:FCTC; R:FCTC 6.7 M 114 (75x) 120 (42x)
  1. Note: aM denotes male, FS denotes female spayed, MC denotes male castrated