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Table 1 Comparison of current sequencing library quantification methods

From: Digital PCR provides sensitive and absolute calibration for high throughput sequencing

Method: Nanodrop Capillary GE Ribogreen Real-time PCR UT-qPCR UT-digital qPCR
Detection Chemistry: UV absorption Intercalating fluorophore Intercalating fluorophore Syber Green I Intercalating fluorophore Hydrolysis probe (Taqman) Hydrolysis probe (Taqman)
Companies: Thermo Scientific Aligent, Bio-Rad Invitrogen Many Many Fluidigm
LOQ:* 2 ng**
(7.2 billion copies)
25 ng
(91 billion copies)
1 ng
(3.6 billion copies)
(0.3 fg)
1000 copies
(0.03 fg)
100 copies
(0.03 fg)
100 copies
Quantification Modality: Mass/absolute Mass/relative Mass/relative Mass/relative Molecules/relative Molecules/absolute
Quantification Standard: No standard necessary Required – calibrated by mass Required – calibrated by mass Required – calibrated by mass Required – calibrated by mass No standard necessary
Reference: Ricicova, M. et al (2003) Jones, Lj et al. (1998) Simpson (2000); Meyer (2008) Zhang (2003); This work Kalinina (1997); This work
  1. * Limit of quantification for ssDNA 500-mer;
  2. ** Manufacturer does not specify this value as LOD or LOQ