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Table 2 Potential prey proteins with unknown functions

From: Identifying components of the hair-cell interactome involved in cochlear amplification

Prestin prey Mouse-chromosome Human-chromosome Deafness-associated Loci
Yip1 domain family, member 6 (Yipf6) (NM_207633.2) X C2 Xq12  
Tmem59 (BC058273) 4 C7 (51.8 cM) 1p36-p31 DFNA2:1p34
Tmem11 (NM_173453) 11 B2 17p11.2  
Tmem85 (NM_026519) 2 E4 15q14  
Unclassifiable (AC123616) 8   
unknown(AC123616) 12 C3 14q23.2  
unknown (RIKEN4632425P12 (AC166991) 12 C3 14q23.2  
Cdh23 prey    
Stefin A-like protein (BC100530.1) 16B3   
CEACAM16 (carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 16) (NM_001033419.2) 7A 19q13.31 DFNA4:19q13
RIKEN 5730496F02 (AK077642) 18 E3 18q21.1  
RIKEN 2310057J16 (NM_027171) 8 A1.1 19p13.3-p13.2 DFNB15:19p13.3-13.1
    DFNB68: 19p13.2
RIKEN 11990002N15 (NM_001033145) 9 E3.3 3q24 DFNB15:3q21-q25
    OTSC5: 3q22-q24