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Table 1 5'UTR statistics for ALT and nonALT gene sets

From: Evolution of alternative and constitutive regions of mammalian 5'UTRs

  Human Mouse
Total genes 11,727 2,915 14,288 909
5'UTR length 203 239.6 180.1 178.1
Genes with uORFs 5212 (44%) 1547 (53%) 5968 (42%) 460 (51%)
uORF length 58.7 73.4 (ALT) 54.1 63.1 (ALT)
   48.2 (CONSTIT)   44 (CONSTIT)
  1. Genes in the ALT_5'UTR set exhibit 5'UTR transcript diversity (AS and ATI), whereas, genes in the nonALT control set do not. Total number of genes in each set (top tier). Average 5'UTR length (nts) for transcripts in each set (middle tier). Total number of genes that contain uORFs (percentage in parenthesis), and average uORF lengths (nts) in alternative (ALT) and constitutive (CONSTIT) regions (bottom tier).