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Table 5 Bioinformatics on the four highly informative SNPs.

From: Two-stage genome-wide association study identifies integrin beta 5 as having potential role in bull fertility

  SNP markers
  rs29016875 rs29015574 rs29024867 rs41257187
Chromosome 10 9 4 1
Gene candidates (NCBI-BLASTN)
Name: Cytoplasmic dynein light chain
(NW 001492841)
Rab3A-interacting molecule (NW_001495537) Collagen I, alpha2
(NW 001494859)
Integrin β5 (NW001493888)
Length: 442/501 474/501 500/501 76/78
Identity: 96% 99% 99% 98%
E-Value: 9 × 10-122 0.00 0.00 4 × 10-32
Transcription factors (TRANSFAC-BLASTX)
  No hits found MEF-2D
(Xl; T-01771)
(S.Cb; T-03376)
No hits found
(Mm; T-02439)
(Mm; T-01339)
  1. S.Cb, Xl, and Mm stand for S. Caenorhabditis Briggsae, Xenopus laevis, and Mus musculus, respectively.
  2. Irx, Ceh, and RAR stand for Iroquois homeobox, Caenorhabditis elegance homeodomain factor, and Retinoic acid receptor, respectively.