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Table 1 Query sequences used for the genomic searches.

From: Characterization of the bovine type I IFN locus: rearrangements, expansions, and novel subfamilies

Species Gene Accession No. Species Gene Accession No.
Bovine IFNA AY325272 Bovine IFNT AF196324
Bovine IFNA M10954 Porcine IFND Z22707
Bovine IFNA AY523531 Porcine IFND Z22706
Bovine IFNA DQ396807 Human IFNK NM_020124
Bovine IFNA Z46508 Human IFNE NM_176891
Bovine IFNB M15478 Human IFNL AY184374
Bovine IFNW M11002 Human IFNL AY184373
Bovine IFNT M31557 Human IFNL AY184372
Bovine IFNT AF196320 Murine IFNZ NM_197889
Bovine IFNT AF196322