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Table 5 WC1 cDNA sequences and classification based on annotated genomic sequences

From: Genomic organization and classification of the bovine WC1 genes and expression by peripheral blood gamma delta T cells

cDNA clone name GenBank accession number Exon-intron structure type WC1 classification
CH501 FJ031186 Type I WC1-1
CH504 FJ031187 Type I WC1-13
CH503 FJ031188 Type I WC1-13
CH481 FJ031189 Type I WC1-13
CH499 FJ031190 Type I WC1-13
CH534 FJ031191 Type I WC1-3
CH521 FJ031192 Type I WC1-3
CH533 FJ031193 Type I WC1-3
CH520 FJ031194 Type I WC1-3
CH527 FJ031195 Type I WC1-3
CH528 FJ031196 Type I WC1-3
CH453 FJ031197 Type I WC1-3
CH455 FJ031198 Type I WC1-3
CH461 FJ031199 Type I WC1-3
CH465 FJ031200 Type I WC1-3
CH469 FJ031201 Type I WC1-3
CH496 FJ031202 Type I WC1-4
CH507 FJ031203 Type I WC1-4
CH506 FJ031204 Type I WC1-4
CH497 FJ031205 Type I WC1-4
CH482 FJ031206 Type I WC1-4
CH526 FJ031207 Type I WC1-4
CH505 FJ031208 Type II WC1-9
CH486 FJ031209 Type III WC1-11
CH487 FJ031210 Type III WC1-11
CH485 FJ031211 Type III WC1-11
CH492 FJ031212 Type III WC1-11
CH489 FJ031213 Type III WC1-11
CH490 FJ031214 Type III WC1-11
CH491 FJ031215 Type III WC1-11
CH525 FJ031216 Type I WC1-nd1 a
CH523 FJ031217 Type I WC1-3
CH529 FJ031218 Type I WC1-13
CH522 FJ031219 Type I WC1-3
CH535 FJ031220 Type I WC1-13
  1. a nd (not designated) denotes a cDNA sequence for which a genomic equivalent gene has not been identified.