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Table 2 Correlation (r) of quantitative RT-PCR and microarray data for each Method

From: Gene expression profiling of whole blood: Comparison of target preparation methods for accurate and reproducible microarray analysis

Donor Method 1
No depletion_Affy
Method 2
Globin PNAs_Affy
Method 3
Method 4
No depletion_NuGEN
C -0.72 -0.77 -0.70 -0.71
D -0.75 -0.76 -0.69 -0.70
C frozen -0.77 -0.77 -0.73 -0.71
D frozen -0.75 -0.78 -0.69 -0.70
  1. Correlation of RT-PCR and microarray expression measurements for 75 genes of the NF-κB pathway is shown: ΔC(t) values for RT-PCR and scaled, MAS 5.0 gene level signals for microarray data. The Pearson product moment correlation coefficient is reported for each target-labeling method examined in this study. RNA samples from donors C and D were prepared from either fresh or frozen PAXGene tubes.