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Table 4 Summary of Methods performance

From: Gene expression profiling of whole blood: Comparison of target preparation methods for accurate and reproducible microarray analysis

METHOD Overall Performance Assessment
Method 1 – Affymetrix one-cycle target labeling of Lowest sensitivity
whole blood RNA (no depletion_Affymetrix) Good reproducibility
  Good target integrity
Method 2 – Affymetrix one-cycle target labeling of High sensitivity
whole blood RNA with globin PNAs during cDNA High reproducibility
synthesis (Globin PNAs_Affymetrix) Good target integrity
Method 3 – Affymetrix one-cycle labeling of whole High sensitivity
blood RNA treated with Ambion GLOBINclear Lowest reproducibility
(GLOBINclear_Affymetrix) Marginal target integrity
Method 4 – NuGEN Ovation v1 amplification and Moderate sensitivity
labeling of whole blood RNA (no depletion_NuGEN) High reproducibility
  Good target integrity