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Figure 11

From: In silico miRNA prediction in metazoan genomes: balancing between sensitivity and specificity

Figure 11

Candidate miRNA hairpins in C. elegans closely related to cel-mir-266 and cel-mir-269. ClustalW alignment of the hairpin sequences of cel-mir-266, cel-mir-269 and the genomic hairpins 1,165,306 (chr I, 1733470..1733572 (+), L score = 0.030, 12th intron of F54F11.2) and 2,047,661 (chr II, 13515555..13515672 (+), L score = 7.2E-3, 7th intron of Y71G12B.11). The position of the mature miRNA sequences of cel-mir266 and cel-mir-269 (in lowercase) is projected on the sequences in green. Lowest two lines show again the mature miRNA sequences of cel-mir-266 (MIMAT0000325) and cel-mir-269 (MIMAT0000322), with their seed sequence in uppercase.

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