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Table 1 Description of all publicly accessible BioMarts to date

From: BioMart – biological queries made easy

Name of BioMart Description of contents Location of BioMart
Ensembl Genes Automated annotation of over 40 eukaryotic genomes EMBL-EBI, UK
Ensembl Homology Ensembl Compara orthologues and paralogues EMBL-EBI, UK
Ensembl Variation Ensembl Variation data from dbSNP and other sources EMBL-EBI, UK
Ensembl Genomic Features Ensembl Markers, clones and contigs data EMBL-EBI, UK
Vega Manually curated human, mouse and zebrafish genes EMBL-EBI, UK
HTGT High throughput gene targeting/trapping to produce mouse knock-outs Sanger, UK
Gramene Comparative Grass Genomics CSHL, USA
Reactome Curated database of biological pathways CSHL, USA
Wormbase C. elegans and C. briggsae genome database CSHL, USA
Dictybase Dictyostelium discoideum genome database Northwestern University, USA
RGD Rat model organism database Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
PRIDE Proteomic data repository EMBL-EBI, UK
EURATMart Rat tissue expression compendium EMBL-EBI, UK
MSD Protein structures EMBL-EBI, UK
Uniprot Protein sequence and function repository EMBL-EBI, UK
Pancreatic Expression Database Pancreatic cancer expression database Barts & The London School of Medicine, UK
PepSeeker Peptide mass spectrometer data for proteomics University of Manchester, UK
ArrayExpress Microarray data repository EMBL-EBI, UK
GermOnLine Cross species knowledgebase of genes relevant for sexual reproduction Biozentrum/SIB, Switzerland
DroSpeGe Annotation of 12 Drosophila genomes Indiana Univeristy, USA
HapMap Catalogue of common human variations in a range of populations CSHL, USA
VectorBase Invertebrate vectors of human pathogens University of Notre Dame, USA
Paramecium DB Paramecium tetraurelia model organism database CNRS, France
Eurexpress Mouse in situ expression data MRC Edinburgh, UK
Europhenome Mouse phenotype data from high throughput standardized screens MRC Harwell, UK