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Table 1 Annotation changes after mapping to Release 5.3 for the 1,471 FlyTrap lines with available coordinates.

From: Biases in Drosophila melanogaster protein trap screens

   original FlyTrap annotation
(see for definitions)
   Protein (498) Protein? (117) Enhancer (389) Enhancer? (334) Novel (133) total
Release 5.3 annotation CDS intron 373 4 35 28 9 449
  other genic region 34 60 190 144 48 476
  intergenic region 91 53 164 162 76 546
  1. The updated insertion coordinates were mapped to genes from FlyBase Release 5.3, and the insertion annotations were updated accordingly. The mapping of a small number of lines was ambiguous due to the insertion being in various features of different transcripts and/or different nested genes – in the cases where an intron between coding sequence was hit, the line was classified as 'CDS intron', regardless of the other features hit concurrently. Some genes are represented by multiple lines, so the 449 fly lines hitting CDS introns in fact amount to 271 unique genes hit.