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Table 6 Major known genes by functional class in the L3c gene set

From: Transcriptomes and pathways associated with infectivity, survival and immunogenicity in Brugia malayi L3

Function class Gene oligo ID Fold NCBI accession number and description
protein synthesis     
  rRNA promoter binding (1) BMC10335 4.6 NP_671477.1| rRNA promoter binding protein
  RNA binding (3) BMC04564 2.5 AAC47624.1| putative RNA binding protein
  Elongation Factor (5) AA842168 4.7 CAB40840.1| elongation factor 1 beta
  rps or rpl ((38) BMC00849 4.6 AAN05602.1| ribosomal protein S7
  Zinc finger (8) 14287.m00022 9.7 P_698623.1| PREDICTED: similar to zinc finger
  hsp(1) 13293.m00125 9.5 AAY66912.1| putative heat shock-related protein
  Pin1 (2) AA109462 6.5 AAD01597.1| peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
cell cycle     
  mab-21 (1) BMC02725 4.5 NP_497940.2| Male ABnormal family member (mab-21)
  tctp (Tph) (1) BMC12076 2.9 AAK71499.1| translationally controlled tumor protein-like protein
  Histone (7) 12698.m00329 13.5 P30757|H2B_SIPNU Histone H2B
  Actin (1) BMC06331 6 AAU94673.1| actin
  Tubulin (3) BMC01602 3.2 AAA27865.1| beta-tubulin
fiber growth     
  MSP fiber proteins (MFP) (2) BMC01338 6.9 AAP94887.1| MFP3
   BMC02125 3.7 AAP94885.1| MFP1-beta
development cell phagocytosis sHSP (2) 15334.m00009 4.7 CAA61152.1| small heat shock protein
  ced-2 (1) 14972.m07627 7.8 NP_500105.1| CEll Death abnormality family member (ced-2)
  1. Numbers in parentheses represent the number of oligos that match a particular gene that was upregulated.