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Table 3 In vivo function of genes affected in diabetes exposed embryos.

From: Maternal diabetes alters transcriptional programs in the developing embryo

Function # GeneSymbol
metabolic/growth defect 15 Ap1g1, Aplp2, Ghr, Grb10, Hmga1, Mapk10, Mbtps1, Mtap2, Nedd4, Ptprs, Scd2, Tnks2, Top2b, Upp1, Zfp385
diabetes 2 Ghr, Hmga1
embryonic 35 Abcb7, Adam10, Agtr2, Ap1g1, Aplp2, Bcl11a, Creb1, Cxadr, Dcx, Efnb2, Epha3, Gad1, Grb10, Hif1a, Il6st, Itgav, Kras, Mbtps1, Ndst1, Nedd4, Nsd1, Ogt, Pdgfra, Ptprs, Pxn, Scd2, Sema3a, Setdb1, Sfrs2, Slc2a1/Glut1ASa,, Tfrc, Tgfbr1, Top2b, Twsg1, Vcl
cardiovascular 15 Adam10, Agtr2, Cxadr, Dysf, Efnb2, Epha3, Hif1a, Il6st, Itgav, Pdgfra, Pxn, Sema3a, Sfrs2, Tgfbr1, Vcl
neural tube defects 7 Adam 10, Hif1a, Pdgfra, Tfrc, Tgfbr, Twsg1, Vcl
  1. Information was obtained from GO annotations and hand curated with input from MGI and PubMed sources. All results are from knockout models, except for: a) Glut 1 antisense transgenic mice. References are provided in Additional file 4.