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Table 2 CNE with conserved inter-species association to genes and gene clusters that currently have been mapped in rainbow trout (Om) as described in Additional file 12.

From: Comparative genomics and evolution of conserved noncoding elements (CNE) in rainbow trout

Gene Acronym Om a CNE Om
Myogenic factor 6 MYF6 7/15 CNE1215–1216 7–24
Myogenic factor 5 MYF5 7/15 CNE1215–1216 7–24
Collagen alpha-1 chain precursor COL1A1 (BX867838) 16 CNE116–118 3/16
Myocyte-specific enhancer factor 2A MEF2A (CA374878) 27/31 CNE173–175 27
Protein tweety homolog 3 TTYH3 (OMM1268) 2/9 CNE589–546/CNE590–591 2/9
Homeobox protein Hox-A cluster HoxAa 3/16 CNE116–118 3/16
Homeobox protein Hox-C cluster HoxCb 12/26–29 CNE523–524 12–29
  1. a Linkage group pairs separated with a forward slash '/' are known homeologous pairs while those divided by a dash '-' are possible paralogs or homeologs.