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Table 2 Genes up-regulated in the total RNA fraction in the presence of HTLV-I p30

From: Genome wide analysis of human genes transcriptionally and post-transcriptionally regulated by the HTLV-I protein p30

Probe ID Gene Description Gene Fold Change
  Transcription/Translation/RNA Processing   
224442_AT PHD Finger Protein 6 PHF6 3.2
219730_AT Mediator Of RNA Polymerase II Transcription, Subunit 18 Homolog (Yeast) MED18 2.7
1560981_A_AT Peroxisome Proliferative Activated Receptor, Alpha PPARA 2.6
239058_AT Forkhead Box C2 (Mfh-1, Mesenchyme Forkhead 1) FOXC2 2.6
210050_AT Triosephosphate Isomerase 1 TPI1 3.6
224042_AT Ureidopropionase, Beta UPB1 2.6
243166_AT Solute Carrier Family 30 (Zinc Transporter), Member 5 SLC30A5 3.0
  Cell Adhesion   
227209_AT Contactin 1 CNTN1 2.5
  Ubiquitin/Protein Degradation   
1569706_AT Myb-Like, Swirm And Mpn Domains 1 MYSM1 2.9
203758_AT Cathepsin O CTSO 2.6
228493_AT A Kinase (Prka) Anchor Protein 14 AKAP14 4.3
1559048_AT Bah Domain And Coiled-Coil Containing 1 BAHCC1 2.6
226489_AT Transmembrane And Coiled-Coil Domain Family 3 TMCC3 2.6
1554237_AT Serologically Defined Colon Cancer Antigen 8 SDCCAG8 2.5
227546_X_AT Aurora Kinase A Interacting Protein 1 AURKAIP1 2.5