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Table 4 Semi Quantitative Real Time PCR Results

From: Integrating microarray analysis and the soybean genome to understand the soybeans iron deficiency response

Affymetrix Probe Set Annotation Conditions of Differential Expression Differential Expression in Microarray Diff Express in sqRT-PCR
Gma.13296.3.S1_at Lipid Transfer CSSvCSD 190.34 2.62
Gma.17724.3.S1_at GDSL motif CSSvCSD 6.26 8.46
Gma.17825.1.A1_at GDSL motif CSSvCSD 4.69 10.26
GmaAffx.89896.1.S1_at Heat Shock Protein CSSvCSD 23.45 2.04
GmaAffx.93268.1.S1_at Heat Shock Protein CSSvCSD 19.91 1.36
GmaAffx.51733.1.A1_at Ribonuclease T2 CSSvCSD -13.35 -2.98
GmaAffx.88242.1.S1_at SnRNP protein CSSvCSD 3.58 11.18
Gma.16500.1.S1_at Lipoxygenase CSSvCSD 11.36 16.9
Gma.3705.1.S1_at Nitrate Reductase CSDvICSD -3.53 -1.101
Gma.9609.1.S1_at Reductase CSDvICSD 2.26 2.23
GmaAffx.36066.1.S1_at Replication Factor CSDvICSD 2.63 3.58
  1. Details of sqRT-PCR experiments. Affymetrix Probe set denotes the differentially expressed sequence for which primers were designed. Conditions of Differential Expression represent the genotype and growth conditions in the comparison where the sequence was differentially expressed (CSS – Clark Shoots Iron Suficient, CSD – Clark Shoots Iron Deficient, ICSD – IsoClark Shoots Iron Deficient). Differential Expression in Microarray, the change in gene expression for the sequence from the microarray (in fold change). Differential Expression in sqRT-PCR, the change in gene expression for the sequence seen in the sqRT-PCR experiment (in fold change).