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Archived Comments for: A draft genome sequence and functional screen reveals the repertoire of type III secreted proteins of Pseudomonas syringae pathovar tabaci 11528

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  1. Nomenclature of Hop proteins

    David Studholme, The Sainsbury Laboratory

    4 December 2009

    Following an informal meeting among P. syringae genome researchers at the IS-MPMI meeting in Quebec 2009, it was agreed that validated Hop proteins (that is, effectors that are translocated across the host membrane) should be clearly distinguished from type-three secetion system (T3SS) helper proteins. The following proteins should properly be called T3SS helper proteins: HrpZ1, HrpW1, HrpK1, HrpAK1, HrpAJ1, HopP1 and HrpA2.

    Validated Hop proteins should also be distinguished from candidate Hop proteins that have been shown not to be secreted and translocated. In this manuscript, we mention several candidate T3SS substrates that are not validated: HopAH2 (C1E_3507) can be translocated by the T3SS but has yet to be found in association with a hrp box. HopJ1 (C1E_5568), HopAJ2 (C1E_0586) and HopAN1 (C1E_1908) cannot be forced to translocate even under highly optimized conditions. I would like to clarify, therefore, that these proteins are not validated T3SS effectors.

    I am grateful to Dr. Magdalen Lindeberg for drawing my attention to these issues.

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