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Table 1 Over-represented GO categories and the associated genes identified by GeneTrail from the SAM data.

From: Streptococcus pneumoniae nasopharyngeal colonization induces type I interferons and interferon-induced gene expression

Mitosis/Cell Division
(p ≤ 0.003)
Process (p ≤ 0.035)
Immune System Process
(p ≤ 0.051)
ccng1 cenpe flt3
cdc25c fbxo5 il1rl1
cdc45l nuf2 lilrb4
cdca5 tuba3a msh6
chek1 xrn2 pou2f2
fbxo5   ptpn22
nuf2   tacc3
sgol1   vav1
tipin   vav2