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Table 3 The positional clusters which contain at least 8 genes. The xxx stands for genes with unknown functions.

From: Positive correlation between gene coexpression and positional clustering in the zebrafish genome

Chr size span p-value mean R genes listed in order
3 10 100K 1.24e-6 0.289 hoxb1a, hoxb2a, hoxb3a, hoxb4a, hoxb5a, hoxb6a, hoxb7a, hoxb8a, hoxb9a, hoxb10a
4 8 197K 9.19e-7 0.031 zgc:86611, psmc2, psmc2, smo, si:dkey-180p18.2, si:dkey-180p18.2, ube2h, nrf1
5 8 89k 1.36e-5 0.213 ptges, usp20, zgc:103692, surf5, rpl7a, surf1, surf6l, ccbl1
13 8 139K 6.39e-5 0.148 xxx, golga5, rtf1, zgc:113197, zgc:113197, tmem39b, xxx, zgc:123267
15 17 174K 2.69e-7 0.371 xxx, or7.1, or2.6, or2.4, xxx, or2.7, xxx, or2.5, or2.1, or2.10, or2.8, xxx, or13.4, or5.1, or5.3, or5.4, or5.2
19 13 189K 4.12e-7 0.229 Kifc1, zbtb22, daxx, tpsn, xxx, xxx, xxx, psmb10, psmb11, psmb9a, xxx, brd2, fabgl
  8 159K 3.04e-5 -0.026 stk3, zgc:92739, rpl30, laptm4b, lyricl, rrm2b, azin1, atp6v1c1l
20 8 168K 1.77e-6 -0.075 zgc:55404, si:dkeyp-55f12.3, itpk1, chga, si:dkey-177p2.3, ahsa1, si:dkey-177p2.6, zgc:92217
  8 110K 2.61e-4 0.259 xxx, xxx, paics, cyp2j21, cyp2j22, cyp2j25, cyp2j26, cyp2j28
23 10 96K 2.12e-5 0.606 hoxc13a, xxx, hoxc11a, hoxc10a, hoxc9a, hoxc8a, hoxc6a, hoxc5a, hoxc4a, hoxc3a