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Table 5 Estimated haplotype block and population frequencies of the SPP1 locus.

From: Osteopontin: an early innate immune marker of Escherichia coli mastitis harbors genetic polymorphisms with possible links with resistance to mastitis

Haplotype SPP1c.-1301G>A SPP1c.-1251C>T SPP1c.-430G>A SPP1c.*40A>C Frequencya Frequencyb
H1 G C G A 0.59230 0.599
H2 G T A C 0.23976 0.252
H3 A C G A 0.10267 0.105
H4 G C G C 0.05079 0.045
H5 G T A A 0.00704  
H6 A T A C 0.00164  
H7 G T G C 0.00125  
H8 G C A C 0.00123  
H9 A C G C 0.00107  
H10 G C A A 0.00106  
H11 G T G A 0.00104  
H12 A C A C 0.00003  
H13 A T G A 0.00003  
H14 A T G C 0.00003  
H15 A C A A 0.00003  
H16 A T A A 0.00003  
  1. aAnalysis were performed using HAPROB [72]
  2. bAnalysis were performed using Haploview [73], version 4