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Table 1 Secondary Structure Matching (SSM) parameters

From: Revisiting the Plasmodium falciparum RIFIN family: from comparative genomics to 3D-model prediction

Query PDB code RMSD (Å) Q-score Z-score
PFF0015c_3 2of3 1.07 0.657 10
PFL2660w_5 2f31 3.54 0.190 1.7
  1. Root mean square deviation (RMSD) is calculated between the C-alpha atoms of the matched residues in the best 3D superimposition of the query and target structures. The percentage of identity (%ID) is the number of identical amino acids in the structural alignment (%ID is not given in table). Q-score is the ratio between RMSD and the number of aligned amino acids and is considered as a measure of quality of alignment (for identical structure Q = 1). Z-score provides the statistical significance of a fold match in terms of standard Gaussian statistics, the higher Z-score; the higher is the significance of the match